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McKinney Sensory Deficit Patients

Helping Your Child Thrive

Dr. Turner adjusts a child patientIn today’s world, it’s become increasingly common that our children are being diagnosed with numerous conditions. Whether it’s ADHD, autism spectrum disorders or sensory processing disorders, often, the only solution the medical world offers is medication. At Expressing Life Chiropractic, however, we offer drug free options.

We’ve seen children improve their anger issues, eye contact, listening skills and more with chiropractic care from Dr. Justin. He’s trained extensively with world renowned Pediatric Chiropractor Dr. Tony Ebel and is a member of Epic Pediatrics to continue to develop his skills.

The Perfect Storm for McKinney Sensory Deficit

Dr. Justin offers a talk called The Perfect Storm in our community. You’ll learn about what the common ingredients are that have added up to conditions such as ADHD, sensory issue, OCD, migraines, constipation and more.

This unique workshop discusses stress on the nervous system and how it prevents children, and even adults, from being able to function properly.

Contact our office today to find out when our next talk is being held. We also welcome the opportunity to evaluate your child and are available for convenient Saturday appointments.

Reach out to Expressing Life Chiropractic for McKinney sensory deficit care!